Clairo: diary 001

If one person could personify and encompass the feelings of young love, its turmoil and emotional turns, it would be Clairo. With her deadpan, little to no emotional expression type voice, Clairo sums up the indie sound that anyone can get on board with. Starting out as a smaller artist, only appearing on other songs with other indie artists, Clairo eventually started dropping singles slowly, but surely. In 2017, Clairo dropped most of her discography, most recently with her EP diary 001. Comprised of only 6 songs, some of which are past singles, Clairo sets her style straight.

Although her delivery has little emotional intonation, Clairo dramatizes her music with interestingly relatable lyrics and other musical tools. Toeing the line of Indie Pop, Clairo nestles her style into a dreamy, lo-fi dramatic ride. Most lyrics hit on teenage romance, either good or bad. Diary 001 is no exception to this rule. All six songs included on the EP deal with getting over a boy, worrying about mutual feelings, or “fangirling” over a boy. Even if these topics are not relatable, Clairo offers lyrics that anyone can feel for. In her hit single and second track on diary 001, “Flaming Hot Cheetos”, Clairo worries over the way she is treated. A highlight lyric from this hit song would have to be “Girlfriend or girl, that’s a friend? / It’s easy just to pretend / That we don’t have something real”. Even with worrying, anxious lyrics, Clairo lightens her outlook in many other songs on diary 001.

Songs that are fresh for Clairo’s fanbase include “How – demo”, “Hello? Feat. Rejjie Snow”,  and “B.O.M.D.”. This comprises only half of the EP, which can be a bit of a disappointment for fans. Teasing only a few singles from before, Clairo’s followers itch for more from her. Where fans could possibly be let down in this EP, Clairo makes up for in her new tunes. Following her same subject matters, Clairo sings around the everlasting wonder about someone else’s feelings, and alternatively, the feeling someone might have once they are in that long awaited relationship.

Besides lyrics, Clairo has a definite sound, usually relying on keyboard and guitar, and the somewhat rare soft drum. Throughout all of her songs, Clairo keeps her original, pop-like instrumentals, but gives it an Indie spin with surprising electric flourishes. “Hello? Feat. Rejjie Snow” starts off with a phone dialing, then takes the familiar ringing sound and twists it into a quick beat of ringing. Her small flourishes and unique electronic features never overpower the song, but supplement it. It’s obvious that Clairo knows where a song needs more, usually opting for her voice than anything else. Her sound is minimal and simple, but that only adds to the ease of the listen. Clairo is a smooth, dreamy listen that keeps anyone interested.

While Clairo might be small now, her fame is only growing as we speak. Gaining recognition from many top artists, including Chance the Rapper, Clairo is opening her horizon to something big. What is already apparent through it all, though, is that Clairo will hold onto her personal style and theme with her music. Diary 001 is a statement for what is expected of Clairo, her sound is solid in its presentation but still offers room for growth and creative expansion. Donning a title of 001, one can only hope that Clairo continues on to diary 002. Fans are only waiting to see what Clairo can come up with next.


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