DJ Blog: Talking Trash with Ash, Trash of the Week Pt. 19

All right, by now I’m sure you’ve heard all about this Kony character.

Maybe you’ve even shared the video—congrats, you’re a philanthropist! …Not.

This Invisible Children organization spent $8,676,614 last year with only 32% of it going to direct services for the charity… This is how they made such a tearjerker for all of the teenage Facebookers to watch and post but not have any means to help.

Awareness is important, sure, but the people who have the means and the power to donate already know about this issue, and you sharing the Facebook video is really not doing anything except making you think that you’re popular.

With that being said, Kony is a terrible man, and he needs to be stopped. But before trying to conquer a sensationalized problem overseas, realize that we have hidden problems and charities right here in North America that need your help too.

With (tough) love,

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