Dream Pop playlist

Dream pop. The sweet, yet chilling combination of intimate and lush tones, just enough for you to get completely lost within a world of soft and subdued vocals. It is completely a realm of its own, transporting the listener to a space-like sphere, allowing them to immerse themselves in a hazy dream. Differing from other genres of music, it lacks a specific structure, but unifies a vast spectrum of artists who all heavily rely on the use of sonic textures.

Originally stemming from the influence of alternative rock in the ‘80s, the “Cocteau Twins”, were the first to create the sound and establish a foundation for the future. It continues to melodically flourish, with “Beach House” reigning as one of the most popular artists of the genre today, placing a greater emphasis on creating a personal association with the music. Intricately woven with synthesizers and guitars echoing in the distance, it is hopelessly romantic and fuzzy, playing on emotions of deep melancholy, sadness and pleasure.

If you haven’t heard of it before, you have spent your entire life without ever once hearing this divinze sound. However, today is a special day. With this playlist you will enter a world unbeknownst to you before, opening your ears to a beautifully unique musical style. Even if you are familiar with a few of these artists, be sure to listen vigilantly and delve into the ultimate transcendent listening experience.

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Natalia is a sophomore from the Chicago suburbs studying psychology and Spanish. In her spare time she attempts to write her own music, raves about how much she loves dream pop, and simply enjoys the beauty that life has to offer.

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