Electronic tracks that rock my world

Hot Chip: a deliciously talented group of quirky dudes who have recently compiled an album, DJ Kicks, featuring various remixes of their favorite artists – and one of their own creations which you can download for free (!) on their Web site. Actually, a lot of Hot Chip’s music reminds me of my next pick, which is a collaboration between German artists Apparat and Ellen Allien, called Orchestra of Bubbles. Why is this album so special? Its pop-like tunes and pulsating beats are razor-sharp in their enticing (electro)- house aesthetics.

Another find, Monaural Voice’s Air, is alluring in its jazzy broken beat, and her voice is simply sexy. I actually downloaded this album on accident thinking I was downloading another artist, but this has been my favorite mistake in the past month – her first song, “Inside the Castle,” is by far the best and a good choice for a test-taste if you’re looking for a download. Up next: an older but great album, Talkie Walkie by Air, is, well, perfect. Perfect to sleep to, perfect to groove to, perfect to write to … a perfect collection of mood-enhancing, futuristic and sweeping songs that leave you in a tranquilizing state of peace. Finally, Ratatat brings up the rear with a psychedelic, entirely danceable, beat. The album, Classics, refines Ratatat’s instrumental abilities, and produces some songs that hit the mark when it comes to a fun, pop-like party song. Their song “Lex” is very similar to the beats of Montreal. Check it out, if you’re a fan.

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