Elsinore dares to compete with Loaded!!!

Lollipop Factory, an experimental rock band (duo, really — drums and guitar) from Columbus, Ohio, is coming to town tonight to share the Mike ‘n Molly’s stage with Terminus Victor (a pretty cool pairing, really). The Ohio duo’s Myspace tracks include some quirky harmonies and can at times sound like some of Queen’s (actually more like Bleu, if anyone even remembers that guy) more rocking tracks. Quatre Tete is also on the bill, starting at 9 p.m. Cover is TBA.
A little earlier in the evening you can catch Kayla Brown in one of her last CU performances. She’ll play Aroma Café’s acoustic series starting at 8 p.m. (also featuring Mike Ingram, that douche that’s constantly referring to himself in the third person). The show is free, and you may find it happening on the patio if it’s not raining (raindrops or men).
Back to Mike ‘n Molly’s on Friday, where you can catch Mordechai in the Mirror, a band that’s basically becoming the house band there, they’ve been playing so much. The group is eclectically composed of instruments like cello, violin, loop samplers, guitar, and even some beat boxing. You’ll find some Pulsar47 members in there, mixing it up. On Friday, they’ll share the stage with Chicago’s Scale Model, along with local electro-pop act reds. Once again the start time is 9 p.m., and the cover has not been disclosed. Secrets!
On Saturday you can catch Elsinore, freshly returned from a tour to the west coast, as part of a street-fest on the corner of Neil and Main in downtown Champaign. The band played shows in places like Boulder, Boise, Oakland, LA, Austin, New Orleans and others and its members are happy to be home for awhile before embarking on an East Coast tour later in the fall. The street-fest bill will also feature the indie-pop ladies of Tall Tale, one of CU’s brightest rappers, Krukid; and Headlights. The show is free and will start at 7 p.m. Bring the kids, and pick up Elsinore’s tour EP (The General EP).
If you’re thinking of staying on campus on Saturday, the Canopy Club will present the one-two punch of Loaded and Tatertot, both featuring scene legend (corsegedi, emm-effers) Mike Armintrout. His wife Heather wears the pants in Loaded, though, so watch out. The two acts will be preceded by Silly Joel, the area’s premier (or maybe just only) Billy Joel tribute act! 9 p.m., $5.

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