From Bowie to Beethoven, Glass to Dave

Remember when it was 1780 and we couldn’t wait for Mozart, the hottest piece around, to drop his next work on us so we could revel in the newest modern music? That stuff probably wouldn’t have the same effect on us now, but the Kronos Quartet pushes the boundaries of music and continually wants nothing more than to make the music they like, regardless of genre.
The Kronos Quartet will come to the Tryon Festival Theatre at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday, April 3, at 7:30 p.m., bringing with them their signature blend of almost every genre imaginable. Kronos is one of the most avant-garde groups today by pushing the boundaries in both the classical form along with interesting arrangements of pop music. They bring anyone from any background the happiness of a familiar tune interpreted in a new way. They have collaborated with a large range of performers including Tom Waits, Allen Ginsberg and David Bowie and have played on records by Nelly Furtado, Asha Bhosle and Dave Matthews. They pull off renditions of the highly influential Rite of Spring in a chamber arrangement along side a version of “Purple Haze” to top off their breath of repertoire.
The quartet formed in 1973 and is based in San Francisco with original members David Harrington and John Sherba on violin, Hank Dutt on viola and Jeffery Zeigler on cello who joining in 2005. Kronos showcases tons of new music and has a record of constantly commissioning new works with over 600 created for the Kronos Quartet.
Kronos covers a very broad range of musical genres: Mexican folk, experimental, pre-classical early music, movie soundtracks (Requiem for a Dream, Heat, The Fountain), jazz and tango. Kronos has even recorded adaptations of Sigur Rós’s “Flugufrelsarinn”, Television’s “Marquee Moon” and Raymond Scott’s “Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals”. Kronos performed on Nine Inch Nails’s latest remix album Year Zero Remixed, released November 20, 2007. The quartet includes many styles and genres that can be enjoyed by anyone who likens the traditional past to the newest works. This show will surely amaze you with virtuosos performing whatever music they like to play, covering all the bases and will most likely touch on something you love.

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