Good Kid M.A.A.D City – A Look Back

This album of Kendrick Lamar will always hold a position as one of my favorite albums ever. It becomes yet again an album where every song appeals to me and I can easily differentiate every song. Kendrick Lamar used to be one of my favorite artists, but this was when his style was more melodramatic and laid back. His latest album DAMN. was not a favorite of mine as I thought it was too heavy and aggressive for the Kendrick style I am used to. That is why good kid, M.A.A.D city is a go to album. It tends to be an album I will play when I do homework because I can still focus while having the album flow as background noise.

My all-time favorite song on this album is “Money Trees”. I love the beat of the song and the meaning of the actual lyrics. It’s a longer song, so you can follow the story longer and really get engulfed in the song. I honestly don’t see this song ever not being my favorite. It has such a subtle beat and it’s so laid back that it generally fits any mood.

Other songs, such as “The Art of Peer Pressure” and “The Recipe” are other favorites on the album for the reason of uniqueness. Every song on this album really drags me in because they have such a simple yet intriguing beat that Kendrick masters perfectly with the flow of his lyrics.  I really believe that this album is the most meaningful to Kendrick as it has dialogue throughout it, real life sounds and sirens, and slow paces lyrics scattered throughout the song. His most recent album seems to hectic for me and I wish it had a subtler yet meaningful vibe that is heard throughout good kid, M.A.A.D city.

Overall, a truly great album that would be perfect for your chill nights and laid-back mornings. I think this album deserves to be really listened to in full, but listening to it as background noise works too. It is not too heavy or distracting and the songs on the album are long enough that it is not an abrupt end or start to a song and the whole album flows really well. This album will always be a favorite of mine no matter what. I often times think that this album is not appreciated as much as it should be and I hope people remember how amazing this album really is.