Indie Folk Fall Playlist

Fall of 2021 is officially in bloom as of last week’s autumnal equinox, and although the weather has been indecisively flip-flopping between hot and cold, there is no doubt that fall is here, and the yearning for the changing of the seasons is at its peak. With the cooling down of last week and the beginning signs of changing leaves, the need for a playlist to get you in the mood for fall is a current necessity. 

Spotify music users are in luck, because the perfect fall indie playlist has been released by Lily Cathrine Sheridan called “indie folk fall”, which I have attached a link to below. With featured artists such as girl in red, The Lumineers, Mt. Joy, and more, this combination of folk and indie favorites have mingled together and created the perfect fall-season feeling. With the vast mixture of both folk-heavy and indie-focused music, the playlist doesn’t tire, and the 7 hours and 30 minutes that make up the collection of songs keep listeners in a perpetual appreciation for the approaching fall. Alongside indie and folk classics found in this collection, there are also songs included that are not as popular, allowing listeners to find more songs like their favorites, which are already featured in the list.

Some songs to feature off the playlist include KALEO’s “All the Pretty Girls”, girl in red’s “we fell in love in october”, Paper Kite’s “Bloom”, and “Feathered Indians” by Tyler Childers. All of these songs can give you the perfect idea about the types of music being included on this masterpiece of a playlist.

Enjoy the playlist down below, and happy autumn!

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