Staff Playlist: for You

            for You is a playlist of twelve love songs. Instrumentals are the main feature of this mix, and they are accompanied by a few vocalized melodies. The goal when creating this was to focus on the feelings that love can stir within us, which is why most of the songs do not have lyrics. I wanted the listener to be able to focus on the emotions they experienced independent of any lyrics that may add foreign or unintended meanings to the songs. While a few songs do include sung lines, they work hand-in-hand with the supporting instrumentals and don’t take away from the sensations created by the music overall.

            This mix jumps around energy-wise to mirror the numerous highs and lows that love can take us on. Let You Break My Heart Again presents an unrequited love that is being desperately clung onto until enough time has passed for the heart to heal. Agape, as the name implies, is centered around unconditional, divine love that knows no boundaries. Romantic Flight features young love that is uncertain at first, but learns to build trust note by note.

            Love comes in many forms, and I hope this playlist is a testament to that.