Jack White Says No to Possible White Stripes Reunion

The new issue of NME magazine features a cover shot of Jack White in a black suit and his normally wild hair.  ‘Blunderbuss,’ White’s first solo album will be released on April 23rd, two days after the quickly approaching record store day.  But in the interview with the magazine, White says he doesn’t see a White Stripes reunion at all, unless they went “bankrupt.”  White does this out of respect for what the band has done and to allow himself the freedom to perform solo.  Personally even when they broke up, I thought there would be a chance in a few years to see Jack and Meg back together on stage. “I’m not the kind of person that would retire from baseball and come out of retirement the next year. I mean, if we went to all the trouble of telling people we’re done, we meant it you know?” This is a good move for the band’s legacy, but one that hurts fans who want to see them again.  Say it ain’t so…

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