Jurassic 5’s Feedback

Comprised of six rappers, Jurassic 5 has been appealing to the underground hip-hop community for thirteen years with their anti-establishment themes. This time around, rapper Soup pushes away their fans with his seemingly belittling press comment, “Before this, we’ve been known as a backpacker group.” The thread of newly-found commercialism extended to their producer Cut Chemist, who is now pursuing a solo career, so the new house M.C. DJ Nu-Mark stepped up to take his place. His opening track, “Back 4 U” is totally bland with its tired sampling and forced chanting. Any feeble attempts at novelty on this record can be easily discarded by critical listening. For example, “Get It Together” attempts to break ground with a catchy hook involving sounds made with pursed lips. Little does Jurassic 5 know that Juelz Santana’s “There It Go! (The Whistle Song)” already utilized this tactic less than a year before. Even with boring production and beats though, solid lyrical ability can sometimes salvage a record, but Chali 2na and Akil say nothing they haven’t already said in the ’90s.

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