Liza Anne: Bummer Days

Art-rock powerhouse Liza Anne is no stranger to speaking out about mental health. The musician hosts a livestream via her Instagram each week to discuss emotional wellbeing with a variety of friends and industry members. The “rallies,” as she refers to them, are part of her Emotional Health ‘20 tour. With her newest single, “Bummer Days,” Liza Anne continues her ongoing conversation on the topic.

The song’s lyrics read like a diary entry, and for good reason. Liza started writing “Bummer Days” in 2018 after rereading old journals at her parent’s home. The result of this inspiration is an introspective look into Liza’s own struggles with mental health, namely, the comfort in being sad. The contradictory nature of Liza’s actions in the lyrics- “I say I wanna wake up with the dawn // But every night I sleep with the shades drawn” – tell the story of someone who wants to feel better, but can’t.

Despite the candid nature of the lyricism, the song never falls into gloomy territory. Instead, “Bummer Days” relies on a combination of bouncy guitar melodies and bright surf-rock melodies. It’s clear that Liza’s song, written over a span of two years, represents a true shift in the artist’s attitude towards not just her health, but herself overall. 

“Bummer Days” is the third single from Liza’s album Bad Vacation, which is scheduled for release on July 24th.

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