Man Man

Known for bringing interesting musical talent to CU, The Canopy Club has once again lured in a band with a unique sound. Man Man, known for their quirky beats and variety of instruments, will be putting on a show at The Canopy Club on October 16. Though it is hard to make musical comparisons for a group like Man Man, past tours with bands such as Modest Mouse have been successful.
If you have never seen Man Man, expect a high-energy, full throttle performance with few pauses between songs so the intensity never dies down. Basically, if you know what to expect from the band, you will get your money’s worth.
The group whips out a range of instruments as varied as the kazoo and woodblocks. While some songs may be more mellowed, giving you a chance to catch your breath, others might leave you exhausted, but no doubt ready for more. Appearance is also something that the group has fun with, dressing randomly to appeal to their character for that show. I’m not sure what to prepare you for, so just be ready for action. Possibly the term “organized chaos” would best describe this band’s method.
Man Man seems to be a group that could either make you fall in love with them or question how you feel about them. No matter what, it’s believed that anyone and everyone would have a blast at their show. If you have never listened to the group, I advise you to go spend your Thursday night at The Canopy Club to see what you’ve been missing. To check out Man Man’s sound or find other tour stops, visit their Myspace page at I suggest you also take a look at their pictures, which may help portray more of what the band is about.

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