Monday Mixer

This is a list of songs that I believe will carry you through autumn. Everybody needs a little pick-me-up everyone once in a while and music is the perfect way to do that.


1. Let’s Hurt Tonight – One Republic

This song is the perfect coming home song for everyone. It is very smooth and sounds natural. One republic seems to understand how to make music that is natural yet modern and fulfilling.


2. Man In the Mirror – Michael Jackson

It shouldn’t be that hard to see why this song is in the mix. Michael Jackson’s entire catalog could have been included. This song exemplifies exactly what Michael’s music was about, lifting people up.


3. Lighthouse – The Wild Wind

In a song that could be talking about either their relationship with a girl or their relationship with God, The Wild Wind is definitely talking about someone being a guiding figure in their lives. It is a beautiful song and deserves to be heard.


4. Born – One Republic

One Republic is fantastic at knowing how write harmonious love songs. They seem to understand what peaceful music should sound like.


5. Unto The Wild by HUNGER

This is an epic song about adventure. It sounds epic and is one of those songs that you should listen to all the way through.


6. Kings and Queens by Kings of Leon

You may have heard this song before but it is still fantastic. Every time I hear it in a movie trailer or even just on Spotify, it gets me so pumped.


7. Heaven by One Republic

This song is about wanting to be with someone regardless of what the world thinks, it is very difficult to not feel warm and fuzzy. Once again, my love affair with One Republic continues.


8. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

Over the years, I have always loved this song. I find that this song is unique because of getting tired of it, I only want to hear it more.


This is my uplifting autumn playlist. Everyone will have their own kind of uplifting songs but this one is quite special for me. I hope everyone enjoys this playlist and I encourage everyone to support artists that create uplifting music.


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