Monday’s Mixer

You know those days where you wake up with a big old chip on your shoulder? Those days when you’re just a little pissed off at everything and feel like throwing a book at that annoying kid at that bus might make everything better. For me, the best remedy for this mood is to throw on some songs with attitude, pull on my leather boots and stomp around like I run this town. I’d like to suggest this remedy to anyone and everyone and here is a playlist to get you started.
1. California On My Mind- Wild Light
This track gets things started off right with the perfect description of your feelings toward today. Even though you don’t live in California (probably), you will find yourself cursing its name for 2 and a half minutes.
2. What a Drag- Bear Hands
 The singer in this track clearly has a disdain for his girl’s “long nails” and yet they are things he dreams of the most. Similarly, you woke up hating today but you’re kind of loving the feeling of badass-ness at the same time.
3. 10am Automatic- The Black Keys
The guitar says it all. The rawness of the Black Keys and the catchiness of this track in particular give you the punch you need to switch into your “don’t mess with me while I’m wearing my boots strut”. Own it.
4.Back To Black- Amy Winehouse
This track is a bit slower than the others but its sultry attitude is irresistible to someone who is feeling a bit removed from the general population.
5. You- Atmosphere
Atmosphere’s lyrics are so relatable and the flow is just so good. You can soak in a feeling of superiority as you channel the waitress putting on a fake smile for all the trash that comes into her restaurant.
6. Death Trip- The Dirty Feathers
Ready to get lost in some real rock and roll? The guitar and drums on this track just don’t quit and the singer is yelling into the mike as much as you want to yell at the cyclist who almost just annihilated you. Listen to this song at the peak of your frustration.
7. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked- Cage The Elephant
This bluesy track is a nice transition from the hardness of the Dirty feathers, and the lyrics are a nice compliment to a stressful day. YOU are the wicked and you deserve some f***ing rest.
8. Cheap and Cheerful- The Kills
This Kills track is reminiscent of 90s girl rock and is perfect for expressing the frustration of interacting with boring people. “I want you to be crazy, cause you’re boring baby when you’re straight” says it all.
9. Take Off Your Sunglasses- Ezra Furman and The Harpoons
Bob Dylan-esque harmonica and Ezra’s shaking voice perfectly convey a feeling a quiet desperation and frustration. Plus the line shoelaces line (listen and find it) is very possibly life-changing.
10. Gansta- Tune-Yards
This beat is sick. There is no less douche way to put it. If The angst of the last couple tracks made you lose a little of your strut go ahead and tighten your boots straps because it’s back. You might even feel like throwing down a  dance move or two while walking through an empty hallway.
11. Boyfriend- Best Coast
A song about heartache might seem a little blue for your curb stomping playlist but its hard to resist the singer’s disdain for a girl who sounds like she’s probably really cool. Yeah screw that girl! It is also a good track to bring you back to earth if you have any important meetings or interviews during which it would probably be a bad idea to act like you might hit the guy.

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