Our Pride in Prossession … In No articular Order

These are definitely not all the venues, but a few you should check out. Also, if you’d like to read more, check out Mike Ingram’s column.


CANOPY CLUB: They’ve got everything from funk-hop to acoustic to electronic; they even have pizza. The Canopy Club also hosts one of the best music festivals of the year: Pygmalion. All I have left to say is that I’ve never been disappointed.

JOE’S: Sometimes they have random up-and-coming local artists play a small set in the front room. It can be fun to sit and have a beer while listening to the music – they are usually cover bands, so you’ll know the stuff.

ZORBA’S: Jazz! If you like jazz, come here on Thursdays. They know what’s up in CU’s world of jazz and, sooner or later, you will too.

COURTYARD CAFê: The quality can range from good to bad. Yet, they still have some really good line-ups along the way. More times than not the show is free, and if it’s not, it’s really cheap. So keep an eye out, the Courtyard seems to be forgotten on weekend nights.

THE RED HERRING: They feature some really laid back and funky flower children playing. I’ve enjoyed the atmosphere and the music there and wouldn’t hold back on recommending it to you.

FOELLINGER AUDITORIUM: I have seen some of the best shows of my music-going life here. Guster and the Decemberists put on some great shows, and the sound quality is delightful.

ASSEMBLY HALL: This is where the really big bands come. Downfall, LLLLOONG, shitty lines, for usually shitty seats, unless, of course, you camp out, screwing class, food and sleep for many hours. Oh, and it’s expensive. But, usually, it’s worth the pain to many people.

KRANNERT: Think classical and tame, these are delights of the tasteful and the mindful. Many orchestras and operas come through here but so do acts like Shawn Colvin (coming this September). Oh, and I’ve heard that the sound quality in some of the theatres is of the top in the country.

MUSIC 133: Typical venue? Maybe not. Great class to hear some world musical performances. Oh yes.


SOMA ULTRALOUNGE: They’re known for mainly their house music and DJ Bozak’s frequent visits on weekends. The place is smooth and suave and has everything going for it’s aura, including the music.

THE HIGHDIVE: Country nights, 80s nights, DJs galore, festival hosts, visits from local artists and many people just running through are some of the things you will find here. The set up is interesting. There are two main rooms: one for music and one for, well, alcohol and hanging out in purplish booths.

COWBOY MONKEY: There is something about this place that made me fall in love with it the first time I went. I have been there a ridiculous amount of times, and I have seen some perfect shows there and had some perfect experiences. In other words, the sound is good, the drinks are good, the people are fun, the shows are fun, the set up works and so does the name. They have a pretty wide variety in their shows too. So everyone should be satisfied at some point.

MIKE ‘N MOLLY’S: So, I have not been here yet, considering I am not yet 21, but I have been jealous of people who are for quite some time. This jealousy is not for the alcohol, really, but the shows. Anyone who is anyone plays there. I can’t say anything about the inside, but I’m sure it is pleasing.


INDEPENDENT MEDIA CENTER: Fist pummeling and shoe kicking madness. The IMC has been host to a slew of different sounds, from local punk bands like Carbomb Lottery to indie bigshots like Beirut. It’s upgrading itself as of late and is putting on many shows with many different bands. So if you are tired of the same old, same old, head over here.

IRON POST: A small place, and quaint – much like the rest of Urbana. They have these shows on Sundays that feature three different bands from all different genres, so really, they play anyone, at least anyone with talent. I haven’t gone too many times, but I’ve enjoyed the times I have. It’s a pleasant place.

THE OFFICE: Mostly a bar, but they play some local acts too. Just an addition to an already fun time.

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