Rock For A Refuge highlights locals Collusion among others

On Saturday, May 2, locals Collusion performed at the Rock For A Refuge Benefit Show at McKinley Foundation’s Westminster Hall. The show was sponsored by Four Walls And A Roof, a club devoted to raising awareness about women’s rights and domestic violence around the world. The benefit concert offered a diverse selection of music and entertainment, from puppet shows to rap, and belly-dancing to acoustic guitar. Rock band Collusion’s performance was a highlight of the event, making the night entertaining for people of all interests.
Collusion was founded roughly two years ago in Allen Hall, where its members became friends and started playing music together in the drum rooms. Jonny Untch, lead vocals and guitar, and Rich Vallone, lead guitar and vocals, knew each other before college, but during their time at the University, they formed Collusion with two new friends: Rich Raddatz, bass, and Zack Robinson, drums. The four went on to play around campus, and made their way to this year’s Illini Union Board Battle of the Bands—which they won. The four-piece is now up against the winners of fellow college and university Battle of the Bands competitions around the United States, and if they win again, they will be signed for a record deal with Song Joust Records. Check out, the band’s Song Joust site, where you can vote for the UI act in the National Battle of the Bands competition.
Collusion features rock songs with power chords and strong drumming, the kind of music reminiscent of garage bands in earlier days, but they add to this sound with interesting instrumental sections and distortion. The song “Blue Thing” is instrumental, and involves a stirring guitar solo, (though many of their songs do feature vocals, such as “One Opinion,” which got the crowd of the Rock For A Refuge Benefit Show clapping). Jonny Untch and Rich Vallone even played one another’s guitars during the benefit show, adding a performance element to the music. Collusion is a prime example of a college friendship that developed into something great. Check them out online at

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