Sincerely Calvin

1. Name five bands or musicians that you would want at your show.
Snoop Dogg … cuz he’d bring all the hoes. Beethoven … cuz haven’t you ever wondered what he looks like in person? A couple of the Spice Girls for our enjoyment, The Polyphonic Spree just so we could make sure that enough people show up. And the guy who wrote the birthday song because he is a musical genius and wordsmith.

2. Analog or Digital?
Analog. It must be the transference of energy during the actual physical process of carving out the wave on a real object that gives it the ability to reproduce the essence of the sound and bring an analog recording to life. Yummy.

3. Where would you rather play: Air Force base or a puppet show?
Aren’t all government and military branches controlled by strings? That’s what this homeless guy told me. He was funny.

4. Why should anyone come to your show?
When was the last time you saw four blindfolded guys trying to conceive and birth a child all in one night? Plus Lorenzo Goetz and Drop the One rock pretty hard.

5. Is Jack McCabe (of Sincerely Calvin and Spiral Seisiun) the sexiest man on earth?
You must think so for asking you flirtatious devil, you. But the answer is no. Condeleeza Rice is the sexiest man on earth.

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