Sound Ground #107

Anthony Gravino of Temple of Low Men has teamed up with Billy O’Neill of oh my god and Michael Caskey of Goran Ivanovic Group for a new trio, Music for 5 Year Olds, whose first show was December 15 at Cowboy Monkey with Monte Carlos and The Roman Candles. Frontman O’Neill sang what had been Gravino’s solo material and succeeded in an effort to turn off the annoying TVs no one can hear anyway.

Someone described Girls Against Boys as “Ted Bundy chic,” and if so, Music for 5 Year Olds is “Charles Manson chic”: wild-eyed hippie antics anchored by a blend of impressive instrumentation. Cherry-red web site is entertaining, with its kindergarten-esque picture menu and three songs for free download. Music for 5 Year Olds plays tomorrow at Wise Fools Pub in Chicago with Ghettobillies and Gary Stier.

Both Urbana and Champaign have a New Year’s Eve show with live music and a midnight toast included in the cover. At The Iron Post in Urbana, Nicodemus Agency and Pabst Blue Ribbon present The Living Blue, Headlights, The Beauty Shop, Shipwreck, Tractor Kings, The Elanors, and Bailey. Show time is 6 PM, and cover with Pabst Blue Ribbon is $12. Notably absent from that bill is Lorenzo Goetz, with Beat Kitchen at Cowboy Monkey in Champaign. Show time is 9 PM, and cover with Champagne is $15. Both venues have advance tickets already and expect to sell out due to very limited capacity.

Last week, I offered my top twelve concerts of 2005. This week, I offer my top twelve albums of 2005.

12. Eva Hunter, Thirsty
11. Mad Science Fair, …for a Better Tomorrow
10. Kissinger, Me and Otto
9. Triple Whip, Snake Creeps Down
8. Relenter, Through the Mirror
7. Terminus Victor, Under Surveillance
6. The Living Blue, Fire, Blood, Water
5. American Minor, American Minor
4. Beck, Guero
3. The Raveonettes, Pretty in Black
2. Harvey Danger, Little by Little…
1. Shipwreck, Origin

Merry Christmas!

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