Sound Ground #83

Happy Bastille Day!

For the first time since Feb. 25, American Minor played out in Champaign-Urbana on July 5, and it was the loudest set I have heard so far this year. They played everything off their forthcoming album except their power ballad “All My Time” and “One Last Supper.” Lead single “Walk On” is in radio rotation already, as is unofficial single “Mr. Queen” here and elsewhere radio is less rigid. During their set, frontman Robert McCutcheon announced the release party for their self-titled album: Aug. 26 at The Canopy Club. The other release party is in Huntington (W.V.) on Aug. 19 at Monkey Bar. These guys stay true to both their hometowns.

By today, the Shipwreck album Origin ought to be available on compact disc. Since it was not ready in time for the release party, though, the band opted to offer the whole thing online for free download for the whole month of July. This is both a gift and an experiment, so let Shipwreck know what you think. The URL is

Although not advertised as a release party, the farewell show for The Opportunists applies the same uncertainty principle at the merch table. See elsewhere this issue for a mini-interview with drummer Arun Bhalla and guitarist Miranda O’Dell. The other drummer Meghan Krausch and other guitarist Cyrus Pireh were wedded May 29 and will live in New York. The farewell show is Saturday in the beer garden at Mike ‘n Molly’s, with Triple Whip and Cameo Turret. Show time is 10 p.m., and cover is $4.

Now a trio, The Greedy Loves perform tonight at 6 outside the Virginia Theatre for the opening night of Seussical: The Musical! by Champaign-Urbana Theater Company. Guitarist Karla Melendez joins the band for both sets. This is specifically geared toward all ages. Afterward, straight down the street, Barb Hamilton plays the blues at 8 p.m. on the patio at Aroma.

Members of Drawing a Blank and two other Chicago acts (The 9 Spot and Jinxpack) have combined to form Toxic Toast, a Mighty Mighty Bosstones cover band. The first concert is Aug. 6 at the Abbey Pub, with another Aug. 31 at The Double Door. As a pop-punk sextet, Drawing a Blank maintained a strong scene presence here through October 2003. Marc Katz doubles as frontman for Drawing a Blank and Toxic Toast.

Solution to the mystery last time: The special guest at the Brother Embassy birthday party was none other than newly bejeweled Triple Whip drummer Jane Boxall, who brought bongos and joined Brother Embassy drummer Mike Meek on three songs for twice the percussive pleasure.

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