Strong Women playlist (Or Men Who Support Strong Women)

I watched the Lady Gaga documentary this week and she talks a lot about being a women in the music business. I really admire the way Gaga has taken control of her career and hasn’t gotten fixated on the Hollywood trap that so often takes advantage of women in the industry. After watching the documentary, I began thinking about all of the amazing female talent we have around us right now! Just the other day, Florence Welch and Maggie Rogers performed together on Maggie Rogers’s European tour. Seeing those two women together was a true explosion of love and talent. Seeing all of these strong female artists inspired me to make a playlist compiling the work of the powerful women in music around us right now!

A song I would definitely pay attention to is Norah Jones’s newest single, “Just a Little Bit.” Norah Jones albums were the soundtrack to my childhood, so I love to see when she produces new music. The trumpet on this track is so smooth and her lyrics speak to being a strong woman. So often, women are reduced to being the inspiration of art, but not always being the creator. Norah Jones refutes this in her lyrics with the line “I’m not your plaything, I’m not your muse.” The song has an overall relaxed feeling to it and builds up to a strong ending, with the powerful repeated lyrics “I’m on fire.” If you are looking for a little female empowerment, this playlist is a great place to start.

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