The Hurly-Burly

iTunes has raised its wholesale payout to musicians to 70 cents per download, while the customer still pays 99 cents per song. Good news for artists everywhere!

British rockers Bloc Party will release a remix of their latest and first album, Silent Alarm. Silent Alarm Remixed will retain the same track order, only with remixes from other independent heavy-hitters such as M83, Death From Above 1979, Ladytron and Mogwai. Fans can hear a stream of it at

What the Hell? Moment of the Week
Soul-pop singer Joss Stone recently was dropped from her million-dollar contract with the Gap for moving in with her 17-year-old boyfriend. A Gap spokesperson explained, “People take the age of consent extremely seriously in America. The backbone of Gap’s business is in small towns in Middle America where people are very, very conservative, especially in the Southern Bible Belt.” The company will now replace its devilish, whore-faced heathen spokeswoman with the quietly unassuming Michelle Williams of late pop group, Destiny’s Child. What an interesting move by Gap, a company which had been previously known to make contracts with Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liz Phair and Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott.

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