The Pick of the Week

T.I. with special guest T-Pain
Monday, Oct. 15 at Assembly Hall
$36-$46/$8 UIUC Discount

No, I’m not kidding. No, seriously, I’m not joking. Think about it – if you go to the majority of on-campus bars on Monday night, you’re bound to hear “Buy U A Drank” every 30 minutes. Why not just see it live? Besides, it’s bound to be a fucking crazy dance party without the wet floors and hour-long line. And if that’s not enough, T.I. has put out some solid songs and collaborated on “My Love,” which even Pitchfork loved.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 at Canopy Club
$25 in advance

GO TO THIS SHOW! Ween headlined Lollapalooza last year, and you have the opportunity to see them in an intimate club that is within walking distance for many of you. Don’t miss it!

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