The Walkmen & The New Pornographers: A show you won’t want to miss

If you’re in the CU this Thursday, April 28, do not miss the chance to see The New Pornographers live. As a band they have put out five stellar albums, and many of the band members have excelled as solo artists as well. So, whether you are familiar with the band or not, these musicians will not let you down.
The indie rock band had a jump start with instant hit Letter from an Occupant From there they went on to receive much critical acclaim for their ranging musical talents. Their most recent album, Together, includes collaborations with other indie sensations such as St. Vincent and Beirut.
The New Pornographers for the most part have a springy and upbeat sound that will keep any audience member ear’s happy. Their show Thursday will be just the sonic experience to wrap up the week with. Playing with The New Pornographers on Thursday will be The Walkmen. Although Lisbon is The Walkmen’s sixth LP, its release in 2010 has been considered their best album yet.
You might say the indie rock band sings sad songs, but they are so good at playing music that it doesn’t come off as such. Their flowing guitar riffs and swift drum work keep you moving while managing to be crazy expressive at the same time. The Walkmen manage to produce a simply timeless sound for their listener.
Tickets to see The New Pornographers and The Walkmen this Thursday, April 28, are being sold online through Canopy Club. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. Don’t miss it!

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