Thinking of Valentine’s Day

The Naughty Mix – DJ Bozak
Trying to check out R-rated films when you were 10, listen to explicit rap when you were 13, and to somehow see something in that scrambled Playboy television at 15.

  1. NWA – I’d Rather Fuck You (Niggaz4life)
  2. Saafir – Worship The Dick (Boxcar Sessions)
  3. Tha Dogg Pound – Some Bomb Azz Pussy (Dogg Food)
  4. Yaggfu Front – 9 Inches Hard (Action Packed Adventure)
  5. Ice Cube – Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here (Kill At Will)
  6. Akinyele – Just Put It In Your Mouth (Vagina Diner)
  7. Onyx – Black Vagina Finda (Bacdafucup)
  8. Too Short – Blow Job Betty (Born To Mack)
  9. Chuck Berry – My Ding a Ling (Chuck Berry’s Greatest Hits)
  10. Nikki D – Wasted Pussy (Daddy’s Little Girl)
  11. Motley Crue * Girls, Girls, Girls (Theatre Of Pain)
  12. DJ Assault – Ass & Titties (12″ single)
  13. Bust Down – Pissin’ Razor Blades (Unknown)

      My love songs for Condoleezza Rice – Logan Moore
      The surveillance state will not approve of this lust

      1. The Fleshtones – Mushroom Cloud (Beautiful Light)
      2. Rolling Stones – Country Honk (Let it Bleed)
      3. Gang of Four – To Hell With Poverty (Another Day, Another Dollar)
      4. The Fall – My New House (This Nation’s Saving Grace)
      5. The Clash – Clampdown (London Calling)
      6. Devo – Uncontrollable Urge (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo)
      7. Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels of Love (20 Jazz Funk Greats)
      8. Wolf Eyes – Stabbed in the Face (Burned Mind)
      9. Yo La Tengo – Mushroom Cloud of Hiss (May I Sing With Me)

      Covet Thy Neighbor – Courtney Hrejsa
      These songs are all about guys lusting after girls they can never have.

      1. The Presidents of The United States of America – Tiger Bomb (Freaked Out and Small)
      2. Stevie Wonder – My Cherie Amor (Wonder for Your Love)
      3. Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton – Something (Concert for George)
      4. Beck – Debra (Midnite Vultures)
      5. They Might Be Giants – Ana Ng (Lincoln)
      6. The White Stripes – Sister, Do You Know My Name? (De Stijl)
      7. Cat Stevens * Here Comes My Baby (The Very Best of Cat Stevens)
      8. The Zombies – The Way I Feel Inside (The Life Aquatic OST)
      9. The Unicorns * Sea Ghost (Who Will Cut our Hair when We’re Gone?)
      10. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
      11. A Good Man is Easy to Kill – Beulah (The Coast is Never Clear)
      12. Cake – Short Skirt, Long Jacket (Comfort Eagle)
      13. Squeeze – Tempted (by the fruit of another) (East Side Story)
      14. The Cars – My Best Friend’s Girl (The Cars)
      15. Yo la Tengo – Cherry Chapstick (And Then Nothing Turned Ourselves Inside-Out)

      I Don’t Believe in a Thing Called Love – Imran Siddiquee

      1. Wilco – Via Chicago (Summerteeth)
      2. The Darkness – Love is Only a Feeling (Permission to Land)
      3. Elliott Smith – Everything Means Nothing To Me (Figure 8)
      4. The Radio Dept. – I Don’t Need Love, I’ve Got My Band (Pulling Our Weight

      5. Talking Heads – I’m Not in Love (More Songs About Buildings & Food)
      6. Kings of Convenience – Love is No Big Truth (Riot on an Empty Street)
      7. The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me (Zenyatta Mondatta)
      8. Outkast – Hey Ya! (Speakerboxxx/The Love Below)
      9. Belle & Sebastian – I Don’t Love Anyone (Tigermilk)
      10. Rufus Wainwright – April Fools (Rufus Wainwright)
      11. Neutral Milk Hotel – Song Against Sex (On Avery Island)
      12. Bright Eyes – Lover I Don’t Have To Love (Lifted)
      13. Magnetic Fields – Meaningless (69 Love Songs)
      14. Bob Dylan – It Ain’t Me Babe (Another Side of Bob Dylan)

      Raised Catholic – Kyle Gorman
      Listen as the protagonist makes the painfully awkward transition from Catholic boy to supafreak.

      1. Pulp – Babies (His ‘N’ Hers)
      2. Weezer – Tired Of Sex (Pinkerton)
      3. Belle & Sebastian – Dirty Dream Number Two (The Boy With The Arab Strap)
      4. Guided By Voices – My Valuable Hunting Knife (Bee Thousand)
      5. Steely Dan – Doctor Wu (Katy Lied)
      6. Matthew Sweet – Divine Intervention (Girlfriend)
      7. Nirvana – Lithium (Nevermind)
      8. The Police – O My God (Synchroncity)
      9. Camper Van Beethoven – All Her Favorite Fruit [Orchestral Version] (Greatest Hits Played Faster)
      10. The Raisins – Fear is Never Boring (The Raisins)
      11. Smashing Pumpkins – Today (Siamese Dream)
      12. De La Soul – Jenifa Taught Me (3 Feet High And Rising)
      13. Morrissey – Last Of The International Playboys (Bona Drag)
      14. Aqueduct – Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights (I Sold Gold)

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