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Part 2 of the 14th Annual Great Cover Up explored more obscure subjects than Part 1. Triple Whip opened as Nine Inch Nails and played “We’re in This Together,” “Closer,” “Head like a Hole,” “Hurt” and “Wish.” The Greedy Loves then tore through eight tunes as the Buzzcocks. Salaryman turned heads with a dead-on rendition of Kraftwerk, complete with a slideshow (“Pocket Calculator!”) and a very well received “Autobahn.” Next, Goldfronts offered the old-school flavor of Sugarhill Gang, featuring Biz Markie. Terminus Victor delighted the front row with the utterly unforeseen selection of Slint, and The Blackouts rounded out the night with a faithful rendition of five songs by Eric Burdon and The Animals. Erin Fein of Headlights joined on organ for the closer, “House of the Rising Sun.”

The scene still has a lot to offer before Thanksgiving. The main event tonight is Centaur (ex-Hum) and The Life and Times (ex-Shiner) at Cowboy Monkey; show time is 10 p.m., and cover is $5. But before that, at 8 p.m., for free, are two other options across the street. Boltini again hosts Kayla Brown, and Aroma Cafe presents Cameo Turret, a husband-and-wife act all the way from Billings, Mont.

Tomorrow at 8 p.m., “Acoustic Fusion” resumes at Verde Gallery with Paul Musser Trio and The Buick All-Stars. At 9 p.m., The Greedy Loves play at Nargile and may reprise some Buzzcocks covers still fresh from last week. On the bill alongside The Greedy Loves is Gunderson, a rock quartet from St. Louis. Cover for each show is $5.

Cyrus Pireh of D.I.Y. invites everyone to his three-part master’s recital of “percussion, guitar, piano, voice and electro-acoustic music.” This starts Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and continues Sunday at 5 p.m., Auditorium 2100, Music Building, University of Illinois. No cover.

Lorenzo Goetz unveiled a new Web site to coincide with the release last week of Jesus Elephant. The stylish redesign features free downloads from the new album and a fan forum. The release party at Cowboy Monkey ran until 2 a.m. and culminated with another version of “Sissyneck” with guest stars Brandon T. Washington, Mike Ingram and Kate Hathaway. Lorenzo Goetz then left for a five-state tour that concludes this weekend. To welcome everyone home, Mike ‘n Molly’s hosts a free show Sunday at 11 p.m. AD/HD side project Mad Science Fair open for Lorenzo Goetz.

Cafe Paradiso and Cowboy Monkey have events of their own Sunday, both at 8 p.m. At Cafe Paradiso, scene juggernauts Headlights and The Blackouts open for Canadian indie sensation The Arcade Fire. Cover is $10, but this show will sell out; advance tickets are available. At Cowboy Monkey, “Writers in the Round” reconvenes with Joni Laurence, Angie Heaton, Ryan Groff of Elsinore, and Anthony Gravino of Temple of Low Men-a rare solo appearance. G. Lee opens; cover is $3.

First there was Eleanors Fault of Frankfort, Ill.; then there was Elsinore of Charleston, Ill. Now Noah M.S. Harris has expanded his solo project into a trio, with the help of his wife Adriel and drummer Josh Lucas, and christened it The Elanors after his niece. The Elanors performed Monday on “WEFT Sessions” in promotion of the lush full-length debut album A Year to Demonstrate and tour this weekend in Wisconsin. Steven Zydek of Joyful Sorrow mastered A Year to Demonstrate.

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