2 Stars

Fans of Dismemberment Plan, do not fret. Your fearless leader has returned. Travis Morrison’s debut solo album, Travistan, offers fans a new look at the lead singer of Dismemberment Plan. In his new album, Morrison takes a turn away from the Plan’s sound and tries to create his own. He incorporates some of the upbeat sounds that made the Dismemberment Plan one of the best underground bands with his new musical style. With three years off from his last album with the Plan, Morrison has had time to write, and his storytelling ability is evident on the album. The album starts out with “Change,” a track that mixes funk and hip hop with Morrison’s own distinct sound. “Born in ’72,” arguably the best track on the album, talks about the political climate of the year behind a pulsating beat. Tracks like “Get Me Off This Coin A” take the perspective of former presidents who are looking at the world today. Some tracks also worth checking out are “Angry Angel,” with Morrison backed up by a complete orchestra, and “Untitled Track,” which has a haunting aspect to it. This album may not be what Dismemberment Plan fans were hoping for, but it still has a few catchy tracks and a certain pop quality that makes it worth a listen.

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