Tunes and Trophies

Maybe it was the live performances. Maybe it was the rush of local artists being nominated and winning awards that acknowledged their talents and hard work. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the hour of free vodka at the VIP party that preceded the event. Regardless, I had a blast at the WPGU/buzz Local Music Awards 2007, and it seemed that everyone else did too.

I hope that through our coverage, you’ve now learned that ordering a Jazz Sandwich with a Coco Coca for lunch will get you six guys and an inflatable skull instead of a hearty meal. But, if you’re still crazy-confused about the local music scene, make sure to educate yourself at, or’s archives of LMA coverage. For a weekly update on who is playing where and when, check out Mike Ingram’s CU Sound Revue every Thursday in buzz. Stop making excuses, get your ass out there, and check out some shows.

For now, enjoy our photo coverage of the event, and don’t miss our remixed Likes and Gripes – this time, delivered to you by the award winners of the night. See you next year!
-Carlye Wisel

The Winners

Best Rock Band: Lorenzo Goetz
Best Hip-Hop/R&B: Krukid
Best Folk/Americana Band: elsinore
Best Heavy Band: i:Scintilla
Best Jazz/Blues Band: Kilborn Alley
Best Singer/Songwriter: Ryan Groff
Best Local Album of 2006: i:Scintilla
Best DJ: DJ Bozak
Best New Artist in 2006: Santa
Best Producer/Engineer: Mark Rubel
Lifetime Achievement Award: Chef Ra
Best Student Band: Santa
Best Live Band/Performer: Dropsixxx

Likes and Gripes LMA Remix

Winner: Best Heavy Band and Album of the Year 2006


1) Clue, The Movie: 1985, starring Tim Curry – one of the top three movies ever made.
2) Brittany (lead singer), on Coco Coca’s set: I really dug the big skull, the spider skull – that was awesome. I think that’s my new occupation – I want to be the person who jumps inside of it.
3) Finding Nemo: LOVE Finding Nemo!

Mark Rubel
Winner: Best Producer/Engineer


1) Music
2) Champaign-Urbana
3) Cats: I have lots of cats.
4) Los Lobos: I love Los Lobos a lot.

Winner: Best Folk/Americana Band


1) Andrew Bird: We like him – he’s so hot! He’s sexually attractive and a good musician, which you never find!
2) Manchego cheese: It’s a Spanish goat’s milk cheese. It’s a white cheese, and it comes with a black wrap on the outside, wrapped in rope and it’s so good – you put it on toasted bread.
3) Girls’ jeans: We collectively like girls’ jeans. A lot. Dave gets his from outlet malls, Mark makes his own, Chris doesn’t get his anywhere because he wears dumpy-butt guy’s cargo jeans and Ryan almost always gets them from someone, that way they’re worn in … by a girl.

Larry Gates (of Lorenzo Goetz)
Winner: Best Rock Band


1) TV: I like the television, but only for news, sports and cartoons.
2) Movies: I love the cinema.


1) Human alarms: I hate wake-up calls at a hotel.
2) Weather: I hate the cold snap in the weather this last week.

Ryan Groff
Winner: Best Singer/Songwriter


1) Dubya: I hate what the president’s doing to this country.
2) A dirty mouth: I also hate when you wake up in the morning, and you really have to brush your teeth, and you realize that you’re out of toothpaste.
3) The Eagles: Least favorite band would probably be The Eagles. I really hate The Eagles.

DJ Bozak
Winner: Best DJ


1) Funk Records: I’m really liking really unadulterated, deep, grimy funk records.
2) Change of location: I like the thought of moving to a bigger city – San Francisco.


1) Complainers: You know … move on, and don’t complain. Just concentrate on the positive.

Chris Breen (of Kilborn Alley Blues Band)
Winner: Best Jazz/Blues Band


1) Family
2) Muddy Waters
3) Good people: I like people who like to do good, random acts of kindness.

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