Two bands we pretend to know how to pronounce

Hanne Hukkelberg
( Hailing all the way from Norway, Hukkelberg’s eclectic songwriting, curiously cricked melody and refreshingly unique voice will force you to reinterpret everything you’ve ever been familiar with in pop. Boldly mixing jazz with electronic and folk sounds, you’ll only mildly prepare yourself for her sound with the likes of Feist, Architecture in Helsinki and The Bird & The Bee.

( Musician and producer Alfred Darlington successfully redefines the long-forgotten sounds of vintage jazz and orchestra recordings, juxtaposing and sampling them with angular hip-hop beats and rap verse. Capitalizing both on nostalgia and avant garde experimentation, you’ll love his sound if you’re into Four Tet, The Books or Dosh’s (drummer for Andrew Bird) solo work.

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