What We’re Into: Poolside Jams

I’ve been consistently digging this duo from Sweden, Pacific!, who just so happens to add a delicious glaze of shoegaze and mellow pop to everything they touch. The sonorous choruses and bouncing bass lines makes any summer drive (or bike ride) a dream. Beautiful use of modern textures with old-school influences and heartfelt geniality make for songs that just get stuck in your mind for days, and they have perfected that 70s-vibe meets 80s bubblegum pop with a futuristic sheen. Be sure to check out their flagship songs, “Sunset Blvd,” “Hot Lips,” and “Hold Me”.
Empire Of The Sun’s mysterious persona has a death lock on me, and to shake it off is to deny the sheer mystical grandeur that they exude. Viewing their videos for the singles, “Walking On A Dream” and “We Are The People” lets one know that they are channeling forces beyond a typical mortal’s grasp. Besides the bizarre MGMT-like similarities, they craft songs that are simply ethereal and majestic. The spotlight on synthwork and electronic elements are perfect for sunset or sunrise drives, as well as the spirited, breathy vocals that lift you beyond the summer’s heat wave.
An implied future and ’80s neon glam collide in a synth-heavy agglomeration, manifested in Anoraak, a romantic French export. The one single your ears have been craving is “Nightdrive With You”, an undulating track that moves with the heart and curves of the night road. Remixes by The Grum and Fear Of Tigers both capture the soul of the original with effectual build ups and lush synthwork. Let this track be your summer anthem, and let it do its loving.
The world’s smallest continent, Australia, lives in perpetual summer. Harnessing the majesty of the sun, surf, and marsupials, a sound rises that is so fun, so groovy, so undeniably happy, it will place an island drink in the palm of your hand and toss you into the nearest pool party. Shazam, boy virtuoso, produces the sounds of summer. As I dub it a kind of “future-nudisco,” it is a perfect hollaback to 80s bass and synth production. “Luckier” is a jazzy work up of the most infectious instrumentals and improvisational style solos. “Pool Party,” with versions for both 2008 and 2009, is a delicious romper that is a nugget of summer poolside fun (as the name implies). Throw on the bathing suits, and seriously go play…now.

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