Won’t you please come to Chicago

Just to sing? No Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, just to stand around in 90 degree heat and be assaulted by maxed out PAs and giant sunglasses! Yes, Pitchfork Music Festival is dangerously close and soon thousands of strangely dressed youths will descend upon Chicago’s West Side. Shortly after, said area’s residents will collectively say “What the Fuck?”
What’s that, you say? You failed to secure a cheap ticket on the Mega Bus to Chicago this weekend? Do not fret kind sir and madam. If you wait a short two months you can see a handful of these acts in your very own backyard. The fine people of the Nicodemus Agency, by way of the Pygmalion music festival, will be featuring many of the same bands.
High Places, Times New Viking, Titus Andronicus are playing both festivals this year and Pitchfork Fest alums Dan Deacon and Oxford Collapse will be coming to Champaign in September too.
But if that doesn’t work out for you and you have access to a time machine that can only travel back four years in Champaign, you can still catch many of the other artists playing in Chicago this weekend.
Caribou and Fuck Buttons played at the Illini Union this past spring. Bon Iver played this past school year but is also appearing at the High Dive this Saturday (no time machine needed for that one). A Hand and a Hacksaw played a mind shattering set at the IMC opening for Beirut two years ago. Spoon even played a little while back thanks to Starcourse.
So what I’m saying is, if you spent the money on transportation, tickets and lodging to be in Chicago this weekend, you’ve wasted your time and money. Go to Craigslist now and sell the package for a reduced price and cut your losses.
But to further show CU is better than Chicago, I think we should really push for M. Ward to come to Pygmalion. And since Yo La Tengo (already a headliner) has played backing band for Ward’s and Zooey Deschanel, she might as well come, too. And I’m not saying that because I think she’s attractive and would like to meet her; I just really respect her work in such artistic gems as Bridge to Terabithia and M. Night’s The Happening.

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