World Music

This week in the world of music, I would like to draw your attention to, well, World Music. First and foremost, my favorite at the moment is a group hot from Brazil, by the name of Brazilian Girls. Their latest album, Talk to la Bomb, is filled with funky beats and off the wall lyrics. Their music ranges in classification from some reggae, some pop, but mostly electronic. Love it. The following artist I particularly enjoy, The High Llamas (made in England), have some retro ’60/70s rock influence, yet still make everything they do seem fresh by their electronic take on what once was Steely Dan’s Aja. Also, their music is light-hearted and by the end of a song, I’m just waiting for one of them to say cheerio, unfortunately, it never happens … Next on the list is Tarika. Their most recent album, Beasts, Ghosts, and Dancing with History, is FILLED with energy. Their buoyant, yet tight-knit melodies are derivative of their Madagascan roots, yet still reminiscent of punk-rock at times – it sounds crazy, but it works. Manu Chao, as heard this past weekend in Tennessee, is highly influenced by his Spanish and French roots, and can be considered anything from funky reggae to pop rock (with some sophistication, I assure you). Personally, I would say some of his stuff is just so-so, but when he does get it, he gets it good. Apparently, a new album is to be expected from Manu Chao this fall, and you can hear (for free!) his new hit “Welcome to Paradize” on his Web site. The song is colorful, to say the least. Finally, I feel that no World Music selection would be complete without the Granddaddy of them all, Ravi Shankar. The Essential of Ravi Shankar is utterly complete in his sparkling, singing citar, while modestly appealing. I fall asleep to it on most nights, and on these nights, I not only sleep well, but I dream well, too. It must be magic.

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