WPGU Artist of the Week: Florence and The Machine

Florence and The Machine, queen of alternative rock and crystal clear vocals, dropped her newest album last week. High As Hope feeds fans’ hunger for new music from Florence, while still staying true to the iconic Florence and The Machine style.

Swaying from genre to genre, Florence and the Machine has stayed mostly true to alternative rock. The groups first album, Lungs, dropped in 2009 and the group’s fame has only grown and grown. As more albums and singles have been released, the list of popular songs from the group has only gotten longer. Florence and the Machine’s style is true to itself, varying in areas but still highlighting the sound that popularizes the group’s setlist of songs.

Although Florence and the Machine has just dropped a new album, it is always good to remember where the group has already been. For the sake of their popularity and respectable artistry, Florence and the Machine deservedly holds the “Artist of the Week” spot here at WPGU.

Listen to some of Florence and the Machine’s (new and old) hits here:


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