WPGU Presents: Santah CD Re-release

Santah, New Ruins, and The Leadership have a show tonight at Cowboy Monkey, doors at 9:00PM, show at 10:00PM. It’s $7. Bring a friend. I wanted to get that out of the way early at risk of “burying the lead.”
I’m sitting in my living room with rhythm-guitarist/vocalist of Santah (and of Grandkids too, if you want to get particular about it) Vivian McConnell. She just finished practicing with Santah for tomorrow’s show, and tells me she’s “hungry”. Before a late dinner, she explained what we can expect at Cowboy Monkey tomorrow. Oh wait, are you new? Ok, if this is your first time at WPGU, finish this paragraph. If not, skip it. You may have heard Santah on the radio (specifically our station). You know that song about the other woman and the neighbors or the cousins? Yeah! You’ve heard it! That’s Santah! Like the jolly Christmas man, but with an “h.” Santah’s an indie-rock-roll band from Chicago–originally from Champaign-Urbana. Some people say their music sounds like “a drunken Spoon,” and another friend insists they sound like the bastard child of The Walkmen and Dr. Dog. I don’t know; why don’t you just listen to it yourself? Go to their website, right here: http://santahmusic.com/ Recently, Santah’s been doing pretty good. They were signed to No Sleep Records and literally JUST FINISHED an east-coast tour (they got home yesterday). They re-released their debut, White Noise Bed, on No Sleep both on CD and vinyl. In fact, I’m listening to the vinyl right now. It’s cool! I feel like I should stop calling Santah a local band (still will though). They’ve got their very own LPs now. They’re adults–or at the very least, man-children (Otto). “We’re stoked to play in our home base,” Viv told me. “We’re assuming a lot of the people coming to the show have already heard our album, so we’re going to play some new stuff too.” The band just recorded a song at Pieholden Studios and you can hear it for the first time. live tomorrow. Hey, remember when Pieholden was in Rantoul? That was awesome. It’s in Chicago now. I guess that’s still cool. Viv also told me that you’ll be able to buy LPs at the show, CDs (who likes CD?) and new t-shirts. The shirts have sharks on them. I thought they looked so cool, I bought one. For the sake of full disclosure, I should probably mention something. I am clearly not an impartial journalist–I just told you I bought a t-shirt! Multiple members of Santah used to work at Illini Media; I’m friends with the band, and Viv’s at my house all the time. So yeah, we’re a little biased. We love Santah! There: that’s our point of view. At least we’re not like Fox News and pretending we’re “fair and balanced” or something. Glad you’re back Santah! See you tomorrow!

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