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Finals are wrapping up, it’s getting warmer, and most of all, summer music is on the way.  That means festivals on festivals as well as a slew of new albums to look forward to.  Until you hike on down to Bonnaroo or grab the new Vampire Weekend release, hopefully our mixer can tide you over!

1 -Susan Tedeschi – “Feeling That Music Brings”

It’s summer. You get to go to shows…OUTDOOR shows. Here’s a celebration of that feeling you’re bound to get at the first great concert you get to this summer, thanks to the one woman over 40 that I would most certainly marry in a heartbeat–Susan Tedeschi.

Written by Charlie Weller

2 – Bloc Party – “Helicopter”

This (kind of) throwback from 2005 will remind you what driving fast is all about.  Helicopter is off Bloc Party’s critically acclaimed album, “Silent Alarm”, and points to the degradation and laziness of Americans in the 21st century.  This song would be right at home in a documentary about the world’s fastest Ferris Wheel.

Written by Sean Rowader

3 – Smash Mouth – “I Just Wanna See”

Growing up, my entire block always spent our summer days floating in my family’s pool, listening to “summer music”–either The B-52’s, Louis Prima, The Beach Boys or, for some unexplainable reason, Smash Mouth. Go ahead and roll your eyes, but this underestimated Smash Mouth track illustrates what the perfect summer day should be: a day in which everything works in complete tandem, the people are calmed by the breeze and warmed by the sun and Smash Mouth blasts while neighborhood kids splash around in a pool. “Mister Moon checkin’ on how you’re all living, the stars all winkin’ at the day that’s given, I just wanna see.” Pretty poetic for the guys that wrote All Star.

Written by Lise Graham

4 – Spoon – “Stay Don’t Go”

“Stay Don’t Go” is a great track by indie rock superstars Spoon featuring a fun backing made by people noises(that was the most eloquent way I could word it). Like most of their tracks, it is pretty dance-y, and this one is actually pretty chill too. One of many great tracks on their critically acclaimed 2002 album “Kill the Moonlight,” this record has been added to the indie canon.

Written by David Christians

5 – Danny Brown – “I Will”

Everyone loves a little summer romance. Danny Brown gets romance like veterinarians get euthinasia. Play this song when you just want to kick back and relax with that special summer someone.

Written by Sam Halpern

6 – Paul Simon – “You Can Call Me Al”

I’d like to think that I was Paul Simon in a past life. What’s this song about? I don’t know. All I know is it makes me want to dance in the sun or lay on a beach somewhere in South Africa. Also, who knew Chevy Chase had such chops?

Written by Joe Winner

7 – Pavement – “Summer Babe”

Summer Babe is easily one of my favorite Pavement tracks. It’s a noisy, easy going and laid back song that exudes warm vibes. Kick back and give this track a spin to get into that summer mood.

Written by Eric Holmes

8 – Telekinesis – “All Of A Sudden”

This song is off of the debut Telekinesis LP from a few years ago. It is a great upbeat song that is perfect for blasting from the car stereo while driving to your summer job, or while driving on roadtrip. The latter being preferable.

Written by Claire Schroeder

9 – Kids These Days – “Summerscent”

Over the past couple of years, I’ve included a borderline-sickening amount of Kids These Days on various mixtapes.  This one, however, comes with some saddening news.  The hip-hop/jazz collective announced their breakup last week, and in honor of that, go ahead and vibe out to perhaps the most appropriate summer track I’ve ever heard.

Written by Boswell Hutson


10 – Vampire Weekend – “Step”

As with all old things ending, new things come to take their place.  While I may be devastated by KTD’s breakup, the new vampire weekend gives me hope for new music yet again.  The quirky lyrics are no surprise from Vampire Weekend, but they never fail to put me in a good, warm mood. Go ahead and spin this and try not to be happy.

Written by Boswell Hutson

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