Broods – Mother & Father

If you like Lorde, you’ll also love this brother-sister duo from New Zealand. Broods’ sound consists of taunting beats with those breathtaking sibling harmonies that mix together to make undeniably catchy songs. This is their latest single. It’s calm enough to work to but upbeat enough to feverishly dance to. Broods is fast approaching stardom, catch ‘em while they’re hot!

Mikhael Paskalev – I Spy

This song made the Monday mixer because it’s not only the perfect song to belt your heart out to, but it also has one of the greatest music videos created for it. Mikhael does a riff on the movie Risky Business and jams to his own song in a white button down and no pants. While his dancing is more of a ‘destroy everything in my path in a hip kind of way,’ it’s absolutely hysterical and will prompt you to do the same (minus shattering lamps, that is.)

Lucius with JD McPherson & Jimmy Sutton – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

This song is actually a live cover of Buddy Holly’s gentle song, “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”. Lucius’ two girls lead singers harmonize in such a way that goosebumps are unavoidable. Typically Lucius’ sound is more of a electronic, upbeat sound so it’s awesome to see them emphasize their voices and strip down to just their bare vocals for a song so beautiful. It’s a sweet tune for a Sunday morning.

Sylvan Esso – Coffee

The sweet sounds of Sylvan Esso have been flooding every one of my playlists lately. It’s such a chill, energetic sound that can accompany any time of day. The video is crazy hipster but the song is crazy wonderful. Her voice is the soothing sensation necessary to be taken in every day. The band formed just last year but after one listen you’ll agree that they’re destined for a bright future.

Benjamin Booker – Violent Shiver

Benjamin Booker has that New Orleans grit that’s a great mix of punk, folk and blues. He’s another one of those unbelievably talented young musicians that makes you question what you’re doing with your life. He made a killer debut appearance at Lolla this summer and you can just see that this kid has some real talent. Be sure to watch out for him in the future, too.

FKA Twigs – Two Weeks

This song is like Beyonce meets Jesse Ware meets synthesizers. She has a look that is somewhere between porcelain china woman and a pharaoh, but pushing that aside, FKA Twigs has some serious soul. Nothing else really sounds quite like this that’s been released in 2014 thus far. Very excited to hear more from her.

Angel Olsen – Unf**ktheworld

This song has the old school hush of a song from the sixties and the passion from someone who had their heart completely ripped from their chest. It’s emotional, simple, and short but a necessity nonetheless.

Dead Sara – Weatherman

This song made the mixer mostly because of how incredible Dead Sara plays it live. The lead singer has the voice of a screaming Janis Joplin. The band has girls as their lead guitarist and singer, and quite frankly they rock harder than so many men that I’ve seen before. It’s so refreshing and unique to see. Not to mention the band’s name derives from the Fleetwood Mac song “Sara”. So it really doesn’t really get much better than that.

ALT-J – Left Hand Free

Left Hand Free is ALT-J’s new single and, quite frankly, it’s amazing. It’s a head bobber to the max. The way the he breathlessly rattles off the lyrics, it’s enough to give ALT-J enough of a new sound to keep them refreshing and innovative.

Mystery Jets feat. Laura Marling – Young Love

This song closes the Monday Mixer due to Laura Marling’s wonderful appearance in it. It’s a happy-go-lucky kind of song, even though it’s about missing out on a potential love. Mystery Jets has the classic British indie sound like Noah and The Whale that you really just have no choice but love them, and with Laura Marling’s enigmatic hum of a contribution at the end it’s overall such a genuinely pleasant song.

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