’60’s in the 60’s

The dreary, cold weather should go away at the end of next week when it will be around 60°F. That’s why
you need this playlist to get you excited for it and to listen to during those days. I put together some songs
that are inspired by ‘60s (and ‘70s) rock, capturing the sound of the Stones, the Beatles, and Lou Reed,
among others. Of course, these bands are not copy-cats of artists from this era but are able to craft pieces
that revive the nostalgia. Flowing through this playlist are those groovy and psych undertones. If you
consider yourself a fan of Doc Martens country music, which is country music for people who wear Doc
Martens, you may enjoy this playlist or the discography of some of the artists included. Ultimately, you
will be transported back in time to the ‘60s. Have a nice trip!

About Margot O'Malley

Margot is a freshman from the Chicago suburbs studying Political Science. She attends concerts regularly, expresses herself through fashion with her multiple aesthetics, and has a strong hatred for corporations.

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