Amar Es Combatir

Amar es Combatir
Maná de Mexico

Viva la musica! Maná de Mexico (Mejico) released Amar Es Combatir in 2006, the group’s first album in four years. Amar Es Combatir is an album white-hot with passion and painful lyrics, and Maná’s traditional tropical-reggae sound. Thankfully love is the universal language, because as you probably guessed – this album is in Spanish. Still, something about this album, much like Revolucion de Amor, sounds like soft rain falling over Playa del Carmen. Fher Olvera’s sexy, raspy vocals (which are said to rival the talent of U2’s Bono) makes his fans beg him to be their “Latin lover.” With the soothing, melancholic guitaring, “Bendita Tu Luz” is just one of the album’s absolutely addictive songs.

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