Best Hip Hop, Best Producer/Engineer, Best DJ

Best Hip Hop Artist


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Listen to: “City Life”
Corn Bread

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Listen to: “Ponderization”


buzz: If you could have any mythological character as a pet, what would it be?

Jonah: Falkor, luck dragon from The Neverending Story.

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Listen to: “Hang on to Earth”


buzz: You’ve already collaborated with Ryan Groff. If you could collaborate with one of the LMA nominees, who would it be and why?

Krukid: The Living Blue or Headlights, because I love and respect their music.

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Listen to: “For The Love”

Organic Flow

(Also a Best New Artist Nominee)
buzz: If you had no choice but to eat one food for the remainder of your days on earth, what food would that be?

Organic Flow: We would eat spam filled Twinkies with Coca Cola imported from Mexico (you know, the kind in the bottles).

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Listen to: “Ballad of Sisyphus”

Best Producer/Engineer

Adam Schmitt

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Listen to: “Doc”

Mark Rubel

buzz: Who would you love to collaborate with, dead or alive?

Mark Rubel: Nikola Tesla, dead or alive …

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Matt Talbott

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Listen to: Terminus Victor, Tractor Kings

Jonathan Pines

Best DJ

DJ Bellybuzz: If you woke up tomorrow with a superhuman power, what would it be and what would your superhero name be?

DJ Belly: My power would be to fly and the name would be B Glider, part of the super group The Sugargliders. You’ll see us around town a lot soon.

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Listen to: “Intn’l Players Anthem Misanthrop Mix”

DJ Bozak

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DJ Bris

buzz: If your music was a barnyard animal, what would it sound like?

Chanel Tate (friend/fan of DJ Bris): A horse. Why you ask? Horses are clever, strong, diverse and graceful. People rely on them, and to some they are vital figures in the ideal of art. Not to mention people also use them for therapeutic purposes…like DJ Bris’ music! And let’s be for real, if a barnyard animal could dance salsa… a horse would SNAP!

DJ Mertz

Web site:

Listen to: “Shake It To The Ground” Remix

DJ Delayney

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