Best Live Music Venue: The Canopy Club

Correction: We made the mistake of printing that Seth Fein is the owner of the Canopy Club in Urbana, Ill., but this is not the case. In fact, he is the talent buyer for the venue. The owners of the venue are Ian Goldberg and Anthony Rossi.
As the only true concert venue in the CU area, made so by revolving its entire business around putting on a good live show, it is no surprise that the Canopy Club takes the lead as the best live music venue. The diversity of talent that it brings onstage ranges from local bands and weekly regulars to bigger touring acts such as Girl Talk and Umphrey’s McGee.
According to Canopy Club talent buyer Seth Fein, the venue is versatile with multiple stages and setups to fit the needs of any act and to account for any size audience. Floor-to-ceiling rainforest murals create the atmosphere while multiple bars and rare concert posters make the club a fun and exciting place to hang out.
After 10 years of being in business, Canopy Club continues to draw crowds of people to shows each week, some acts attracting a long line of anxious concert–goers several blocks long. Fein says that the diverse booking and unanimously good viewing is what keeps people coming, making Canopy Club CU’s pick for best live music venue.

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