Blister in the Sun playlist

Summer brings with it a lot of things: warmer weather, later sunsets, and, of course, sunshine. There’s nothing most people would rather do during the next few months than sit outside, soaking up the sun and listening to good music. This playlist is meant for those moments spent on your porch, at the park, in your yard, by the pool, or at the beach. Carefree moments like those deserve a soundtrack just as breezy; with songs from Sublime’s hit “Doin’ Time” to newer gems like Native America’s “Naturally Lazy,” this playlist is just that. Enjoy, but please, wear sunscreen.

About Emma Boone

Emma, or Em, is an advertising major with a soft spot for alternative music. Her favorite song changes almost daily, and she could name a million reasons why Spotify is the best music streaming service. Catch her binge watching Netflix documentaries or on, you guessed it, Spotify, finding new music for her playlist of the month.

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