Boots and Bracelets

On their MySpace, Boots and Bracelets’ primary influences are, “Badass chicks and fellas who can play fucking instruments, rock out and kill you!” Michelle Razor, the vocals and guitar of Boots and Bracelets is pumped to play at their last show ever in Champaign. The punk-rock trio, comprised of Razor, Shelly Bear on bass and Scott Diesel on drums, will be performing this Saturday, Dec. 15 at Cowboy Monkey. Their Champaign finale will be going down at 10 p.m., and the show is $5.
buzz: How many times have you seen people bite it on the ice?
Michelle Razor of Boots and Bracelets: Oh man! They do all the time. Just last night we went to Esquire and these two girls were walking by and one was wearing this really short skirt and her feet slipped right out from under her. She landed right on her butt, it was so funny.
buzz: What final are you dreading the most?
Michelle: My calculus final. I’ve been bad at math forever.
buzz: What are you looking forward to the most this winter break?
Michelle: Partying! …All of those Christmas parties …
buzz: What is your favorite thing to do during the holidays?
Michelle: Definitely eating. I love all those huge meals.
buzz: What was the WORST holiday present you ever received?
Michelle: My grandma used to get me these really terrible sweaters that would have weird confetti strings on it and would say something like “Wild Thing.” If your grandma gives it to you, you have to wear it!

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