buzz Writers Weigh in on Lollapalooza

Do you think notorious drunk Amy Winehouse will actually make it to her performance?

64% say Yes

36% say No, No, No

“No way, Chicago has way too many cool bars to pass up … that, or she’ll get wasted on the actual grounds and won’t be able to find her stage.” – Amy Meyer

Will Kanye West and his “I headlined last year” ego join Daft Punk onstage for a live rendition of “Stronger?”

29% say Yeah

71% say Nah

Will you be doing drugs during Daft

Punk’s set?

71% say Yep

29% say Nope

“DARE, ya’ll. Not really, but I don’t have money for drugs.” – Matt Fender

Which Will You See: Modest Mouse or My Morning Jacket w/ The Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra?

77% say The Mouse

23% say The Jacket

Which Will You See: Muse or Interpol?

43% say Muse

57% say Interpol

Who will be the most talked-about collaboration? (Write-in answer):

“The little talked-about Ted Leo & the Stooges and Iggy Pop & the Pharmacists set.”

– Rob Lach

“Regina Spektor with a back-up by Lupe Fiasco on ‘Fidelity.’ Food and Liquor and Hope.” – Matt Fender

“I want I’m From Barcelona to collaborate with Spoon. Nevah gonna happen.” – Erin Gillman

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