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Bombay Harambee – Wolfman Fellowship

This particular album caught my eye because it was given to us in the form of cassette. At home I grew up on vinyl. In my early preteens I had a small, short-lived CD collection, which gave way to my iPod nano. I have vague memories of my parents using cassettes in our old Ford Taurus. I decided to explore.

The band name and cover artwork suggest a hard rock vibe and that’s right on the money. It sounds like Alex Turner singing for the Raconteurs. The guitars are usually fuzzy and the singers are badass. The cassette didn’t have the same snap and crack of vinyl, but did have a distinct raw sound that benefitted the badass factor of the music. It’s the perfect music to get you pumped up for a sports game or partying.

Smash or pass? Smash

RIYL: Arctic Monkeys, Wolfmother

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