Fall Playlist: Smattered with Leaves

It’s late October in Chambana and each day has been gloomier than the last. The clouds seem to perpetually cast a shadow over campus and the wind is starting to bite, as if it’s turned to the dark side. The breeze is no longer a reprieve from the heat of September; it now bites at you through your flannel and jeans. The sun too, bails earlier and earlier every day. Mother Nature has strewn puddles around the concrete paths lining the quad, and the brick roads that still remain around town are smattered with leaves.

With this change in weather of course, comes a change of habit and mindset. For me, all the overcast and chill has led me to ditch the bike more often and take walks instead, and my treks around town have begun to spark more introspection in me. My taste in music has begun to shift too. My folk kick is being phased out, and I’m becoming more attached to slow burns and longer, free-form instrumentals. My rotation lately has consisted of songs with slower tempos, fewer words, and more space for me to be in my thoughts. 

Here’s a selection of tracks I have put together that I often find myself walking along to, humming along to, or just losing myself in. Perhaps this is a tad bit biased, but whether actively or passively listening, there’s a lot of good stuff here to listen to while reflecting and getting in better touch with yourself.

About Peter Katsogianos

Peter is a freshman studying at the Gies College of Business from Arlington Heights, IL. Growing up, he was a fan of The Beatles, Vampire Weekend, and Björk. When not sitting in his room listening to music, you can catch him biking to music instead.

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