“Free Therapy”: 3 Songs to Help You Through Seasonal Depression

With the onset of shorter days and longer nights associated with autumn and winter, also comes the onset of seasonal depression. Feelings of isolation and sadness are extremely common during this time, and it is vital that one finds an outlet to help relieve these feelings. For me, listening to music is the perfect way to remind me of the good out there and that it does get better, but the key is finding the right songs. For your help, here are three songs that function as “free therapy.”

“Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)” by Lorde

From her recent spectacular summer album, Lorde steps out of the dark and into the light, embracing a folksier, more upbeat soundtrack. One of the many highlights from the album comes in a love letter to her younger self, “Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All).” Sharing her fears of youth and growing up, Lorde crafts the perfect song to remind the listener that it will all work out. Ending with a spoken word outro from electropop mastermind Robyn, you cannot help but smile as the last chord fades out.

“Hold U” by Indigo de Souza

Another recently released track, “Hold U” is a synthpop thumper from the upcoming indie artists, Indigo de Souza. With an extremely danceable beat, the song opens with “You are a good thing I’ve noticed,” reminding the listener of their self-worth. The song is an important reminder of the power of pop music: sometimes dancing away your feelings is the only way.

“Hard Drive” by Cassandra Jenkins

Perhaps one of the best songs released this year, “Hard Drive” sounds and feels like you are talking with a therapist. Half spoken word and half sung, the track is a beautiful exploration of all that makes life so special. Jenkins finds beauty in the mundane and truly displays that things will get better. Sometimes all it takes is time.

These songs are an important reminder of just how special music can be. It is enlightening knowing that your feelings are valid and that you can get better. So, if you are in need of some “free therapy” feel free to use these, as they are sure to alleviate some of your pain.

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Brennen is a freshman Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering student from Carterville, Illinois. He enjoys hyperpop, soft rock, and electropop, but is always willing to listen to any kind of music. While exploring music is one of his main hobbies, he also enjoys embroidery and exploring.

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