Green St. Records Showcase at Canopy Club

I’m sure there is a lot to be said about the bands that performed at the Green St. Records Showcase but, unfortunately, not much can be said. The event began on a promising tone with a loud, solid and highly enjoyable performance by Bullet Called Life. After “The Girl I’ve Never Seen,” the band’s standard, the small crowd erupted in disproportionately loud applause. Before the band could introduce the final song (which would have been a cover of “Purple Rain,” so I hear), they were told to leave the stage after just barely over a half an hour of playing. This trend would continue through the rest of the night.

The Lifeline, whose image and sound seem prime for commercial success, played for barely 25 minutes. Animate Objects’ super-chill “thinking man’s” brand of hip-hop (which just may be my musical Achilles’ heel) was a nice way to close off the night despite being similarly cut short.

Missing the Point had the longest set at about 45 minutes and, despite technical solidarity, they would have fit in better opening for Lucky Boys Confusion. Despite the overall solid performances by the bands, I felt like this show was thrown together with general disinterest. I understand that this was intended to be a “showcase” of Green St. Records artists, but if you are asking these bands to travel down from Chicago to revisit the scene where their careers began, don’t you think the least you can do is give them more than half-hour sets? When there are more people in line for the Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band late show (not that I doubt their talent) than there are people in front of the stage for these former local bands, something seems amiss.

Bands (overall): A-
Organization: C-

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