Indie, Meet Hip Hop!

This Thursday the Canopy Club is doing something very exciting. They are putting together two genres that do not, at first glance, seem to mesh well. Indie Rock bands Elsinore, Dark Meat, World’s First Flying Machine (band of the week on WPGU!) and Tall Tale will be playing along side Hip Hop artists Krukid & the Sugargliders, Agent Mos, Curb Service and Yea Big plus Kid Static. That is a seriously amazing line up!

I know you are thinking that an attempt to throw these two genres together is doomed to failure, but consider the recent popularity of the mash-up artist.

The Hood Internet is a group of DJ’s and audiophiles that fuse Hip Hop with Rock or Indie Rock. Imagine Spoon performing with Ghostface Killah, or don’t because it might make your head explode, but seriously that would be awesome. To get an idea of exactly what it would sound like check out the track “The Ghostface of You Lingers” over at the Hood’s Myspace. If you think that is the bees knees, which you will, download their whole Mixtape Vol.1 for free at their website!

Now, there are not necessarily going to be any mash-ups going on at the show, but I have heard Elsinore is always ready to throw a little Krukid into their set. In fact, when I spoke to Ryan Groff of Elsinore he said, “Krukid has a lifetime invitation to hop on our stage anytime he wants.”

Elsinore has recently undergone some serious changes that scored them an invitation to the Indie Rock side of the meet.

“We just had an epiphany one night at rehearsal that we weren’t into the music we’d been making. We didn’t feel like an Americana band, but we played songs in that genre. I started playing the electric guitar and started a pedal farm with hundreds of effects pedals sprouting every day. We realized that we all liked Wilco and Spoon and Arcade Fire and Radiohead more than what we sounded like. We felt like a computer that hadn’t been updated in a looooooong time…our operating system was slow, our drive was full. So, we made a conscious decision to take some of my new song ideas and play them the way we felt was right: an amp turned up and a freaking real drumset!”

Check out Elsinore’s newest songs “The General” and “Landlocked” to get an idea of their makeover. Groff also let me know they are shooting for a fall release of their new album, with a teaser EP coming out this summer. “We’re looking more realistically at a Fall release, but next month we’ll put out a 3-song tour EP for ‘The General’, which will be on the full-length album.”

Dark Meat, a 17+ piece band from Athens, Georgia, will be headlining the show. I’ve listened to these guys and really have nothing to say but you must see a live performance. They are quite possibly the only band to out-do I’m From Barcelona in ridiculousness and sheer numbers.

World’s First Flying Machine, one of the newest additions to Indie Rock in the area, is also playing at this week’s show. Although they were not nominated, they were my choice for Best New Artist at this year’s LMA’s. With a live show that is oh-so-close to being as good as Snowsera’s spectacularly confused Emo conflagration, how could you miss them? As for this Thursday’s show, Brian McGovern, ukulele-ist, wouldn’t mind putting some “Krukid verses over the smooth violin/mandolin melodies from our track ‘untitled.’” The band is without guitarist Howaniec until this summer, but plan on putting out stronger recordings. “We’ve also been talking to Danger Mouse about producing…he hasn’t gotten back to us, but we’ve definitely been talking.” World’s First Flying Machine seems to be all about the Indie Rock, Hip Hop crossover.

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