Intern of the Week: Sarah Clemmons from On-Air and Music

What is your favorite thing about working at WPGU?
My favorite thing about working at WPGU is how much I get paid. But seriously, my favorite thing is the people. I’ve met all of my best friends at WPGU and would’ve been completely miserable in college without it.
If you could guess which one of the DJ’s is going to be famous, who would it be and why?
The Red Baron. With a repertoire of impressions and accents like that kid’s got, I don’t see how he couldn’t make it.
What current local band is going to make it big?
Shipwreck. I can’t really say Headlights anymore because they basically already have made it big. Shipwreck, however, has got the talent and the up-and-comer status. Their new album was reviewed in Spin Magazine!
What summer music festival are you most looking forward to?
P4K. This festival features pretty much all of my favorite new bands and some of my favorite older ones. Plus, my pocketbook is not going to let me go to Lollapalooza this year. Pitchfork is gonna be the jam!
If you could work in any other department at WPGU, what would it be?
Production. I’ve always wanted to dream up something creative in advertising and I figure this would be a good place to start. Maybe I’ll check it out over the summer.

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