Kaiser Chiefs, Employment

The Kaiser Chiefs are: A.) Friends of Illinois’ Chief Illiniwek; B.) The authorities on baking kaiser rolls; C.) A band consisting of four guys from Great Britain, named after a South African soccer team, whose lyrics and music are as unpredictable and offbeat as their name.

The Kaiser Chiefs’ debut Employment has listeners humming along from the first track with the catchy and amusing “Everyday

I Love You Less And Less,” boasting perhaps the most amusing line on the entire album:

“I can’t believe once you and me did sex/It makes me sick to think of you undressed.”

The record also sports another less-than-subtle way of telling a woman that the singer just does not like her: “It does not move me, it does not get me going at all.” The band shows some more depth lyrically on their first single “I Predict a Riot” while still remaining witty and clever. On “Modern Way,” one of the more mellow tracks, the lyrics become even more serious, pondering the way people lead their lives in a modern world. Employment features several other tracks that are little mellower than the style indicated by the album’s opening track. A few are catchy, but the last two songs, “Caroline, Yes” and “Team Mate” are two of the slowest and most forgettable. However, the success of the earlier songs

on this 13-track album makes up for the album’s weak ending.

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